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      Paleo meals clean ingredients A. Why Paleo Power Meals? We believe nutrition is defined by one common denominator, clean ingredients! Nutrition doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it seem. We are here to make it easy, no matter what your nutritional lifestyle or goals are. Our promise to you, we will take the highest quality clean ingredients and turn them into a mouth-watering masterpiece with flavor profiles that will blow your mind. Fast food who? We are redefining what fast food is all about. We cater to many types of nutritional lifestyles; Paleo, Keto, Plant-Based, to Clean Eating, we have you covered! Paleo Power Meals has helped thousands of customers, including athletes, achieve their goals (health, physical, or fitness). Therefore, Paleo Power Meals is determined to ensure all the information about the food we are serving is readily available. There are no secrets in our kitchen, just real food, from real chefs. Join the Paleo Power Meal team today! It is like having your own personal chef who grocery shops, preps, and cooks all of your meals. You don’t even have to do the dishes! Save money on that water bill too. All you have to do is choose, heat, and eat!
    nutritional lifestyle A. It all starts with you telling us what nutritional lifestyle you are embarking on; Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, or Clean. Take some time to browse the menu for your desired nutritional lifestyle. Each meal will inform you of any special features including; gluten-free, soy-free, antibiotic-free, and so on. We prepare meals completely from scratch with the freshest and cleanest ingredients. Orders must be placed by 11:59PM on Thursday's so our chefs can get to work Friday through Sunday. All orders are shipped to our customers on Monday. All orders will default to Subscription to ensure the lowest possible cost to you. You will have the option to choose a one-time order if you would like to test out our flavor profile. If you choose to keep the subscription, you can freeze or cancel at any time with no obligation. No need to contact us, we leave it completely in your hands with the 'My Account' button at the top of our page. Subscription orders will remain the same every week unless you log in to your account and make changes. All changes must be made prior to your billing date, or they will take effect on the following order. Our meals will last you 14 days in the refrigerator and 6 months in the freezer. Each meal arrives pre-cooked but will require heating before eating. We recommend preheating the oven to 350 and cooking for 5 to 7 minutes for best results. Remember to remove the food from all packaging and put it in oven-safe cookware. If speed is your game, you can put it in the microwave for up to two minutes. We recommend leaving the meal in the vacuum skin to help steam the food for best results.
    worth it A. Worth it? Paleo Power Meals helps eliminate the confusion and guesswork out of leading a nutritional lifestyle. We provide meals with clean, healthy, natural ingredients from the earth. Paleo Power Meals is on a mission to do our part in helping this country eat clean, reverse many health issues, and generally live a better healthier life. Everyone would all love to eat clean, but life gets in the way sometimes. However, how many times are we at work, get hungry, and run to some fast-food restaurant? This is where Paleo Power Meals come in! With the help of this subscription service, those fast-food meals can be replaced with a delicious, nutritious, good for the body and goals meal. Time is one of the greatest gifts Paleo Power Meals will give you. Therefore, we want to give you back your weekends with family and friends. Go enjoy your time and let our dedicated chefs do all of the shopping, prepping, cooking, and delivering it right to your door. The savings you make with Paleo Power Meals will blow your mind. By joining our subscription plan you will be provided with a mouth-watering masterpiece that will wow even the most delicate palate. No need to eat out anymore with the flavor profile we are offering. Wasting money on groceries? Obviously, not us. With our meal subscription service, you are in control of how much you spend each week. We prepare the meals from fresh ingredients and deliver them to your door ready to heat and eat. Finally, when on a nutritional journey it is difficult (and sometimes scary) to eat out when not informed about ingredients in the meals. Keeping track of calories, fats, sugars, and so on is difficult to do when you are eating at restaurants. Paleo Power Meals provides all of the details with every meal. We have no secrets to keep from you.
    seasoning A. Each Paleo Power Meal has a unique blend of seasonings posted in the ingredients section of each meal. We keep no secrets! Our dedicated chefs are inspired by cuisine from around the world and use a variety of seasonings and spices to bring the most mouth-watering masterpiece to your door. Nobody ever said a nutritious meal could not come with a flavor profile that will blow you away. We season to taste but are conscious of health aspects some seasonings may have on your body. As a scratch kitchen many of our seasonings are made in house. We do not source these ingredients but prepare them ourselves. Because we are a scratch kitchen, we use minimal amounts of each seasoning to ensure the taste but not affect the overall health of the meal. We continue to commit ourselves to the health and wellness of every customer at Paleo Power Meals! Paleo Power Meals is a fantastic way to try new cuisines from around the world while still maintaining your nutritional goals. We will do the work of making sure your meal is nutritious and delicious, you just enjoy the ride! Come joint the Paleo Power Meals team! We can't wait to serve you soon.
    A.  We prepare meals between Friday and Sunday for a Monday pick-up.  Be sure to place your order by Thursday night to make the following Monday delivery.  Here is a breakdown of our process:
    • 1.  Look through our menu and choose your meals .
    • 2.  Every element of your meal is made from scratch
      How do we prepare your meals?
      •  Friday, our dedicated chefs begin prepping ingredients and sauces.  As a scratch kitchen that means we have our own special recipes for absolutely everything. •  Saturday, we are firing up the grill for our proteins and our vegetables. We also roast our famous sweet potatoes and other side dishes. •  Sunday, we prepare our breakfast menu items. We save salads for last to ensure the absolute freshness before we ship them off to our customers. •  Monday, we hand prep and package every order to their specifications before FedEx comes to pick them up.
    • 3.  Once the shipments are on their way, you will receive a tracking code so you know exactly when it's dinner time. Delivery of your meals takes between 1-3 days, depending on your location.
    • 4.  Your meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and ready-to-eat in just three minutes.  Enjoy!
    • Join the PPM Team!
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