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It´s really simple! A culinary trained chef and fellow crossfitter with a passion for helping people. See the same results he did, lose 40lbs in three months and look and feel like you never have before!

“Just tried for the first time last week and ordering again today!!Everything was amazing! What a great service!”

- Jackie Hawn

“I've been ordering from Paleo Power Meals since January of this year. Not only is the food delicious, but their customer service is exceptional. They are both very friendly and helpful. I live in NY so I order the food for delivery. Since the food has no preservatives (yay!),and due to my busy schedule, I order enough food to last me a week. I find that I need to freeze some of it so it stays fresh - which was the company's suggestion to me. I've also found that the majority of their food freezes well (the only foods I avoid freezing are certain vegetables). I highly recommend them. They've been a lifesaver for saving me countless hours of meal prep.” - Jennifer Claire

“Great food and good service! Just had the Cajun Blackened Chicken (weekly special) and it was awesome! Love the meals, keeps me on track and gives me the time to focus other things instead of meal planning!”- Matt D'Amore

“I just had the 3 egg bacon muffin. HOLY AWESOMENESS! The teachers at my school were jealous!! They might be jumping on the Paleo Power Meals bandwagon!! I can't wait for my next meal (Cobb Salad)!! Well done!!"- Lissa Bloom Jussaume

“Best spaghetti meatballs I have ever tried. Love all the food in the menu!”- Sonia Montvitt

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