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Do You Watch Calories on a Keto Diet?

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February 25, 2022

Often when people are looking for a new diet plan, they do not know where to star. It can be tough to break old habits and to prepare new food in different ways. With Paleo Power Meal’s delivery service, you can have healthy, clean, fresh, pre-made delicious meals that match your diet, conveniently delivered to your door each week. If you’re stressed about calories and everything that comes with dieting, you no longer need to worry! Continue reading about why you do not need to watch calories on a keto diet.

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The Keto Diet is Made Up of Foods Humans Are Supposed to Eat

With the way Keto is designed, it is generally unnecessary to strictly watch calories while on a keto diet. The design of keto diets consists of being low in carbohydrates from starchy and sweet foods while emphasizing good fats and proteins. A keto diet takes humans back to the way we are meant to eat and is a crucial reason as to why you generally do not need to watch your calorie intake.

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Calories are not Everything

It has long been believed that calorie intake is everything to a diet, and that is not true. Hormones play an immense role in influencing appetite, and Keto is known to decrease hunger-stimulating hormones in your body. When your hunger hormones decrease, a natural reduction in calorie intake occurs, especially in people who are overweight.

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Cases Where You Might Consider Counting Calories

If you are not seeing any results from your keto diet, it might be time to start counting calories. You may be unknowingly consuming too many fats or taking in portion sizes that are too big. Keto will teach you about proper portion sizes, and like in any instance with food, you can still run the risk of too many calories, though rare when eating the right food.

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Counting Calories: Yes or No?

When you start a plan with Paleo Power Meals, we take the stress away from dieting, allowing you to enjoy your new diet as much as possible. Our overall consensus is that you do not have to count calories while on our keto diet. It is far more crucial to choose the right foods, rather than having to focus on calorie intake.

Are you ready to start a keto diet that will produce positive results for your overall health? Choose your meals and get started today!