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Begin Your Clean Eating Journey Now!

Nutrition Blog

September 25, 2022


chef seasoning salmonMaking healthy choices in the fast-paced lifestyle most of us live can feel daunting. Everywhere you turn there is a quick drive thru or easy to eat, no work required junk food. Luckily, if you plan and prepare for your days meals you can take back control of your nutritional health. Paleo Power Meals can help with the preparing and planning! Starting a clean eating journey can be scary and a lot of information is thrown your way by many different people. We have five simple suggestions to help you begin your journey.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly filled with necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibers our bodies need. There is a health benefit to fruits and vegetables that include helping to fight inflammation and cell damage. There have been studies that suggest eating these foods can help reduce the risk of illness.

These delicious, nutritious gifts are a great quick and healthy snack for the on-the-go moments. Having fun with your meals by setting goals, such as adding as many colored fruits and vegetables as possible to a salad, can be an exciting way to incorporate more of these nutritious powerhouses.

  1. Processed Foods

Although these foods are easily accessible and can cost less, they have a lasting effect on the overall health of the body. Processed foods have been linked to heart issues, diabetes, and an increased risk of cancer. These foods contain chemicals to enhance color, artificial sugars, preservatives, and dangerous oils. They are calorie dense and addicting, specifically designed to stimulate the “feel-good” hormones in your brain.

When shopping for processed food, make sure to read the labels. Choose items that have the least amount of added ingredients. If you don’t recognize the chemical ingredient, pass on it.

  1. Be Oil Smart

For the Clean lifestyle journey stick with the avocado oils, ghee, coconut oil, or olive oil. Vegetable oils and margarine are heavily processed and require chemical extraction to formulate. They do not meet the necessary criteria for the clean eating lifestyle.

Being careful with the oil choices you make is important! Some oils can cause inflammation or weight gain. Oils and fats are an essential part of the clean eating lifestyle, so read the labels and choose wisely!

  1. Sugar…

In the Clean Eating lifestyle, it is important to limit the number of added sugars. This can be difficult sometimes, because like oils they are found in everything. Be sure to carefully review the food labels to help limit the intake of added sugars. Staying away from processed foods as much as possible will make this challenge so much easier!

  1. Water!

Make water your go to drink of choice. There are no additives, artificial chemicals to brighten the drink or add a foreign sweetener your body will crave. Water will not lead to any health risks but will help your body continue to thrive. The Clean Eating lifestyle encourages the consumption of water and to stay away from all other beverage options. If you are looking for a little flavor, add some delicious fruits!

If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by the requirements of a Clean Eating lifestyle, let us do the work for you! Our amazing chefs have taken the freshest ingredients and created meals that will blow your mind. We are here to make your life easier, no planning, shopping, or cooking. We will do it all for you!