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4 Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Nutrition Blog

December 29, 2021

A Paleo diet consists of mainly whole foods, such as lean meats, vegetables, seeds, berries, and nuts. It’s designed to resemble the diet that our ancestors would have eaten during the Paleolithic era, before modern food processing was invented, and people still had to hunt and gather their food. It is believed that a Paleo diet more accurately represents the types of foods that humans were intended to eat, and minimizes, if not completely excludes, highly processed foods including refined sugar and trans-fat. This diet can have many health benefits. Read on to learn more.

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Promotes Healthy Blood Glucose

Focusing your diet on primarily natural, whole foods can help promote normal blood glucose levels. One of the main problems with processed foods is that they contain high levels of added sugar. Our bodies break down the foods easily, causing a spike in blood sugar. Switching to Paleo consists of well-balanced meals with healthy fats and lean proteins. This means that you intake only natural sugars and they take your body longer to break down. This can not only help to stabilize your blood glucose levels, but you’ll also feel fuller, longer.


Improved Insulin Sensitivity

When you eat a meal, your body produces insulin. Insulin triggers it to move glucose out of your bloodstream into your cells. This allows your body to use the glucose for energy immediately or store it for later use. However, the more glucose you intake, the more insulin your body produces. This can cause your cells to be less sensitive to insulin over time. Switching to a Paleo diet removes refined sugars and processed foods from your diet, allowing your body to improve its insulin sensitivity. 


Lower Blood Pressure

A Paleo diet can also help to lower your blood pressure. If you commonly eat processed foods or meats that are high in fat, when you switch to a Paleo diet, you’ll be removing these items from your diet. This reduces your cholesterol and sodium intake, both of which can negatively affect your blood sugar. 


Weight Management

According to the National University of Natural Medicine, a potential benefit of a Paleo diet includes “weight management including reduced waist circumference.” Switching from a diet that contains added sugar, highly processed foods, and fatty red meat to a Paleo diet can help many people lose weight. Additionally, continuing to eat healthy, whole foods may be able to help you to maintain a healthy weight. 


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