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Q. What Seasonings Are In Paleo Power Meals?

March 9, 2022


A. Each Paleo Power Meal has a unique blend of seasonings posted in the ingredients section of each meal. We keep no secrets!

Our dedicated chefs are inspired by cuisine from around the world and use a variety of seasonings and spices to bring the most mouth-watering masterpiece to your door. Nobody ever said a nutritious meal could not come with a flavor profile that will blow you away. We season to taste but are conscious of health aspects some seasonings may have on your body.

As a scratch kitchen many of our seasonings are made in house. We do not source these ingredients but prepare them ourselves. Because we are a scratch kitchen, we use minimal amounts of each seasoning to ensure the taste but not affect the overall health of the meal. We continue to commit ourselves to the health and wellness of every customer at Paleo Power Meals!

Paleo Power Meals is a fantastic way to try new cuisines from around the world while still maintaining your nutritional goals. We will do the work of making sure your meal is nutritious and delicious, you just enjoy the ride! Come joint the Paleo Power Meals team! We can’t wait to serve you soon.