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Q: Can I choose my meals?

November 16, 2021


A. Yes! We have over 50 different meals for you to choose from. You may choose whichever ones you like. We change the menu Seasonally so we can assure you will always have the freshest products during the growing season!

Unlike some subscription programs we do not send a prescribed number of meals that you were not able to select, but rather give you every tiny detail about each of our meals so you are equipped to make the most informed decision about which meals you have coming to your door. We keep no secrets, there are no surprises, and we offer you the ability to control what is being delivered to your home.

Need to buying bulk items and to create meals, we can help. However, if you need meals that are already measured and portioned, we can help. Furthermore, those that just need protein and nothing else, we can help. Not able to keep up or hate cooking that veg, we can help. Always forgetting those healthy carbs, we can help. Paleo Power Meals is where you can create a subscription that suits your personal needs!

Finally, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have about the meals or ingredients by messaging our support team.