Frequently Asked Questions


When is the order deadline?

Order must be submitted before Thursday at midnight for the orders to be received following week.

What do I do if I have an incomplete or damaged order?

If you notice an issue with your order, please report it at (781) 558-2643 or within 24 hours. We will not be able to address any issues that are reported after that time frame. *Please provide photos and as much detail as possible when reporting any issues. *

Can I apply a discount code after my order has been placed?

Unfortunately, after the order is placed, there is no modifying the order or the payment options. Please make sure to use your code on your next order with us.

What is a preferred location?

Preferred location is where you want to pick up your order, a pick-up location. Select it once and it will automatically default to that location during checkout. It does not apply to those customers who will have their orders shipped, shipping orders need to add a valid shipping address at check out.

When will my order be dropped off at my preferred location?

If you ordered your meal Saturday through Thursday you will receive your order the following Monday for local drop off. We cannot give a specific time, but we guarantee that all orders will be at your drop off location by 5pm, if the location is open.

Can I submit a one time order if I'm signed up for recurring?

Yes! Create a recurring order for those items you want to recieve every week. Submit a one time order before the order deadline to have additional items sent.

How does Free Ground Shipping work?

For those that would like to have their meals shipped, and live within the range of Ground Shipping Zones AND spend more then $75 (after the use of coupons), you will qualify for FREE GROUND SHIPPING on your entire order.

Can I use multiple coupons?

The website was built to handle Customer Groups (discounted relationships), coupon codes, automatic volume discounts and the new Free Ground Shipping offer. PPM only allows one coupon per transaction. If there is a conflict between coupon codes, customer groups and automatic discounts, the website will automatically apply the more generous coupon to your order. If after applying your coupon/s, if the total is still above $75 and you are in a Ground Shipping Zone, you will still qualify for Free Ground Shipping.

Which Locations Qualify for Ground Shipping?

The people in PINK and LIGHT BLUE section of the map you qualify for ground shipping. If you are in any other section of the Map you qualify for 2day shipping (Most cost effective option if not in ground zone).



What is the Weekly Meals Special each week and how is it different from the other meals?

Our Weekly Meal Special is rotated each week and is released the Monday after the previous order deadline. All the other courses (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bulk items) are available to add to an order at any time during the week.

Do you offer any vegan options?

The best option for vegan would be all of our vegetable meals or sides but we do not have specific vegan meals created.

Can the meals be frozen?

Yes. However, we do not freeze any of our meals internally and every meal leaves our kitchen freshly cooked. When freezing the meal, it extends the shelf life to last up to 2 days. Please keep in mind that we do ship using ice packs which may cause some meals to freeze during transit.

What is the sodium in the meals?

We cook in bulk so it is to hard and time to consume to figure out the sodium amount for each meal.



What if I have food allergies?

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won't be any cross contamination with your meals. We list all the ingredients for each meal in the meal profile, which can be seen when the images are clicked. So, if there is ever a hesitation towards what is in a meal everything is listed for you before purchase.

Are the meals/ foods gluten free?

Yes, the Paleo diet consists of eating seafood and lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts and seeds and some tubs starches. There is no dairy, no grains, no added sugar in our meals.


Recurring Orders and Meal Plans:

Do you offer monthly meal plans, or subscriptions?

We are a weekly service and currently do not offer any monthly subscriptions. The current ordering process is based off an a la carte system which allows customers to select exactly which options and amounts are desired and order accordingly. If you want to have a monthly order the best option would be to create a recurring order. We do plan on offering meal plans soon, so check back often or follow us on social media for updates.

What is a recurring order?

A recurring order is creating and submitting your order once and receive that exact order on the day you select every week. Your card will be charged automatically weekly on the same day of the week you originally placed your order.

Can I add the Weekly Meal Special to my recurring order?

Yes! Add the Weekly Meal Special to your recurring order and you will receive it every week. *Be advised the weekly special changes every week. You would have to cancel your recurring order prior to your billing date if you did not want it.*

How do I change or add something to my recurring order?

To change a recurring order you must submit a new recurring order (with your new meals) before the day your original order was created. Once the new recurring order is submitted the originally order will be cancelled out.

Can I submit a one-time order if I already have a created recurring order?

Yes! Create a recurring order for those items you want to receive every week. Then submit a one -time order before the order deadline to have additional items sent.

How do I cancel my recurring order?

Click on the My Account link, then View My Order History link, select the order and click the "Cancel Recurring" button. If you have any issues contact .

When do I get billed for my recurring order?

Your card will be charged automatically on the same day of the week the original recurring order was created.



How do I become a drop off /pickup location?

We are always taking applications for affiliates drop off /pickup location. If you are interested in becoming an Paleo Power Meals drop off/pick up location, please click here. We will contact you and inform you on the status of your application. *Drop off/pick up location at the moment can only be within Massachusetts, New Hampshire. *

What is a recurring order?

A recurring order is creating and submitting your order once and receive that exact order on the day you select every week. Your card will be charged automatically weekly on the same day of the week you originally placed your order.



Where do you ship?

We ship nationwide in the United States. We unfortunately do not ship to Canada, Mexico or international yet.

Does Paleo Power Meals ship to Hotels?

Yes! As long as the hotel is in the United States. We cannot ship to any International locations at this time. If the room is not under your name and is under the same of a spouse, mother, brother, etc. make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. *Most hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not match up with the name on the reservation. All we ask is that you inform your hotel the day prior to arrival that you will be expecting a package.*

If I have my order shipped, when will I receive it?

All orders placed from Saturday 1A.M EST through Thursday 12A.M EST (deadline day) will leave our facility the following Monday. All shipments are sent on Monday. FedEx Overnight shipping, you will receive your meals on Tuesday. FedEx 2-Day shipping, you will receive your meals on Wednesday. If your order qualified for Ground shipping and you selected that method of the delivery you will receive your meals by Wednesday. *Please note that all delivery times are zip code dependent. If you have questions regarding guaranteed delivery times please contact FedEx directly.*

How are the meals packaged during shipping transit?

The meals are packaged in an eco friendly cooler inside of a regular box. We add ice packs to the cooler to ensure the meals are fresh and cold when they are delivered to your location.