Frequently Asked Questions

When is the order deadline?

Order your meals before Thursday at midnight for delivery the following week.

If I have my order shipped, when will I receive it?

All shipments are sent on Monday.  If you selected Overnight shipping, you will recieve your meals on Tuesday. If you selected 2-Day shipping, you will receive your meals on Wednesday.  If your order qualified for Ground shipping and you selected that method of the delivery you will recieve your meals by Wednesday.

What is a Preferred Location?

A Preferred Location is your pick-up location.  Select it once and it will automatically default to that location during checkout.  It is not applicable to those customers who will have their orders shipped.

What is a recurring order?

Place your order once and recieve that exact order on the day you select every week.  Your card will be charged automatically weekly on the same day of the week you orginally placed your order. 

How do I cancel my recurring order?

Click on the My Account link, then View My Order History link, select the order and click the "Cancel Recurring" button.  

When do I get billed for my recurring order?

Your card will be charged automically on the same day of the week the original recurring order was created.

Can I add the weekly special to my recurring order?

Yes!  Add the weekly special to your recurring order and you will recieve it every week.  Be advised the weekly special changes every week.  You would have to cancel your recurring order prior to your billing date if you did not want it.

Can I submit a one time order if I'm signed up for recurring?

Yes!  Create a recurring order for those items you want to recieve every week. Submit a one time order before the order deadline to have additional items sent.